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Doula Care: Postpartum Services in New York City
Including Manhattan, Queens, Brookyln, and the Bronx

Doula Care Postpartum Service in NYC provides you with a sensitive woman with a reassuring quiet presence in your home after the birth. Most postpartum doulas are mothers themselves who have breastfed their own children and enjoy motherhood, and trained to help other families.

Our Postpartum Services - NYC, Manhattan, Queens, Brookyln, and the Bronx

Doulas give emotional and breastfeeding support along with teaching and assistance with practical newborn care tips. The doula helps ease your transition into motherhood.

All Doula Care Postpartum services are individually tailored to meet the unique needs of each family in New York City. The tasks and focus of care provided by the doula each day will depend on the priorities requested or needed by your family.

After the baby is born most new mothers and fathers appreciate the support of other women. Many of our mothers and extended family members are not always available to help, and even if they are available, some of our mothers do not have the breastfeeding experience to support a nursing mother.

Motherhood is a major life transition and the adjustment period feels less overwhelming when people are available to address your questions and concerns. It is for this reason that women and their families value the help a doula offers.

Postpartum Doulas differ greatly from baby nurses as they are not there solely to tend to the baby's needs; we are also there to reassure and encourage by teaching and mentoring families how to care for their own newborn. The doula assists the parents in learning to trust their own instincts in meeting their baby's needs.